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Project Description

We are often asked to make changes to our client’s homes. The BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptions (BC RAHA) gives rebates to help with the cost of making home adaptions to make your home more accessible and safer. Some adaptions need a completed assessment from an Occupational Therapist (OT).

The Problem

The client found the stairs to their home difficult to navigate. The original stairs without any handrails were becoming dangerous.

The Solution

IHER was asked to design and build a low-maintenance wheelchair-accessible ramp and landing.

Wheelchair Ramp

The ramp slopes at a 4.8 degree slope or 1 inch rise in 12 inches of run. We use Deckote rough texture for the non-skid surface of the ramp and landing with exterior grade non-slip paint on top.


Handrails are attached on both sides to make traveling up and down safer. All exterior material used is pressure treated to ensure a low-maintenance structure.

entrance accessibility ramp with wooden sides and handles coming down to driveway with silver truck parked with door open

Why IHER was the best option for solving this issue.

  • Licensed Residential Builder
  • Local Business License
  • WorkSafeBC Coverage
  • Experienced